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Something Wicked This Way Blows- The Bond

By Leah Kindsey

Chapter One


It was called the Tavern of Two Strangers, a costal bar with a reputation proceeding it. The crew of the Nomad was visiting the town of Emmiline when they happened to come across it. The drinks were flowing, the women were smiling, and three rooms were vacant, so they decided to stay there for the night. Doubar and a barmaid there were locked in a conspiracy of getting Firouz to try the "house drink", although he insisted it made a better explosive. Rongar sat at their table, silent but keeping a watchful eye. Sinbad had been led off to a remote table by a pretty barmaid who insisted on serving him "personally". Judging from the amount of visits she was paying, it was clear Sinbad would soon be thoroughly intoxicated. Bryn had gone upstairs to her room with a sharp scowl. Doubar cast a worried look to the stairs.

"Poor lass," he whispered and stood up. "Kira my dear, can I trust you with our science boy for a few minutes?"

The ample, freckled-faced barmaid laughed, "Doubar don't tell me you're leaving before we're done with him?"

"'Course not! Just going to check on something!" Doubar said and slapped Firouz on the back, "Get him another one Kira! And fix me one too, I'll be right back."

Bryn sat in her room at a table, Dermott perched on her bedpost. She traced a finger over her Rainbow Bracelet, thoughts drifting. Sinbad had left the table they were sitting at, guided to another by lovely barmaid. After a few minutes, he didn't return. She cast a glance at him and the laughing woman and scowled, saying she didn't feel like merrymaking and went up to her room. There was a slight bit of heat emitting from her bracelet, as there always was. It was a comfort to her. She knew no other world other than her life on the Nomad. Although she often wished she knew of her past, the present made her happy.

Dermott chirped just as there was a knock at her door. "Come in," she called. Doubar opened the door and stepped in.

"Lass what are you doing in here sulking the night away when there's a rather happy party going on downstairs?" Doubar questioned.

"I'm not sulking!" Bryn snapped back, "I…just didn't feel like being down there….when my dress is all gross from the sea…." That was a lie and she knew it.

"Your dress?" Doubar cast a glance at the yellow dress Bryn always wore. It looked fine and he knew she was lying. "Well lass if it's your dress that's the problem, I'm sure I can get something from Kira for you to borrow!"

"Eh? Oh Doubar, it's not necessary, really!" Bryn stumbled, but Doubar had already left the room. She heaved a sigh and Dermott chirped at her. She glared at him, "You could've helped me, you know." But all he did was fly over to the table and look at her.

A few minutes later, Doubar returned with Kira. She handed Bryn a red dress made of satin and chiffon. It was beautiful and exotic. Kira pushed Doubar out of the room and helped Bryn to change. The dress hugged her curves and flowed out to her knees. The sleeves were long strands of red chiffon. Bryn gasped as she saw herself in the mirror. She looked like a faery princess.

"Now you look like a bonny enchantress!" Kira smiled. Bryn blushed as Kira mussed with her hair. "Lyka pales in comparison to you."

"Lyka?" Bryn asked.

"The barmaid who swept that handsome fellow you were sitting with away," Kira replied.

"Oh but….I mean he and I….I'm not…err…" Bryn stumbled.

Kira laughed, "Oh lassy don't you worry, it'll be our little secret. Well, our's and Doubar's. Now get yourself down there right proper now!"

Bryn laughed and smiled, "Thank you Kira!"

Bryn walked down the stairs nervous and fidgetty. The crew really hadn't seen her in anything but her usual yellow dress. Would they laugh? She rubbed her Rainbow Bracelet for luck and stepped into the barroom. Doubar looked up at her with a large grin. "Bryn!" he called, waving her over, "Aren't you the pretty thing tonight lassy. Let me buy the pretty lassy a drink!" Firouz looked at her and smiled sillily with a slight blush. Rongar gave her an approving nod. She smiled and sat at their table as Kira handed her.…and Firouz, a drink.

"Where's Sinbad?" she asked.

Firouz clumsily pointed towards a far table. "He's with that buxom lady!" he slurred.

"Are you drunk, Firouz?" Bryn giggled.

"Aye and he'll be drunker still!" Doubar laughed heartily.

Bryn looked over at the far table. Sinbad was laughing with Lyka. She felt a scowl coming on. Kira nudged her, "That lazy Lyka should be waiting on the table over yonder," as she pointed to table on the opposite end from Sinbad's, "would you be a sweetie and take that sailor a drink after I scold her?" Bryn smiled and nodded as Kira handed her a full mug.

Risa walked over to Sinbad's table. Bryn couldn't hear what she was saying, but she saw Lyka walk away pouting. Taking her chance, she walked over to his table, mug in hand. "Umm, do you want something to drink?" she stumbled.

Sinbad looked up and did a double take. "Bryn?"

"Yeah, it's me…I guess."

"Yeah sure, here have a seat." Sinbad said with a smile, patting the other chair. Bryn set the drink down and sat.

"You look to be having a good time," she said half-sharply.

"Eh? Oh yeah, it's nice to wind down after days on the sea." Sinbad found he could not keep his eyes off her. The combination of many drinks and Bryn was enough to set him seriously off guard. It was strange. He normally wasn't put off guard by women, they just came and went as he sailed port to port. The exception was Maeve. It had been months since she was taken from them. He still missed her but felt his heart warming to Bryn. There was something about her…..

"Sinbad? Sinbad!" Bryn said loudly and clapped her hands in front of his face. He quickly snapped back.

"Sorry, my mind must've wandered."

"I'm sure," she said flatly, glancing over at Lyka, who looked at Sinbad and winked. Bryn rolled her eyes. "When do we set sail?" she asked.

"Word has it there is a nasty storm coming. We could probably leave tommorrow and try and avoid it, but I think I'd rather we waited it out here. Probably in two days or so."

"I see," she said.

"Is something bothering you, Bryn? You disappered for a while," Sinbad asked in concern.

"So did you," she mumbled, "I just….had a headache and wanted to rest."

Sinbad nodded and took a good drink then pushed the mug to her, "Take a drink, it'll help the headache.."

Bryn lifted the large mug to her lips and drunk, then sat the mug down coughing. She wasn't used to alchohal, and if she was, she didn't remember it.

Sinbad chuckled, "Sorry, I guess it's a bit strong."

"No…well yeah, a little." It didn't help her "headache". In fact, she felt one coming on strong. She winced and rubbed her head. "Something's wrong…"

"What's wrong Bryn? Do you sense something?"

"I don't know….something…but I don't know…I…" Bryn's face was paling. She looked as though she was going to pass out.

A faint glow started to rise out of both of their Rainbow Bracelets. "Come on," Sinbad said standing, "let's get you to your room." He reached down and lifted Bryn out of her chair and supported her with his shoulder.

As they walked towards the stares, Doubar caught sight of them. "What's wrong lass? Did she have too much?"

"No," Sinbad said, "I think something's wrong. She senses something. I'm taking her up to her room."

"Do ye need help, brother?"

"No, we'll be fine….but it looks like Firouz could."

Firouz was looking to climb on the bartable and start dancing as Kira and Rongar were holding him down.

Dermott chirped as they entered Bryn's room. Sinbad laid her on the bed. She looked to be caught up in something. Sweat rolled down her brow. Her eyes were clenched tightly and she tossed and turned. Both of their Rainbow Bracelets flashed in bright light. Dermott perched above her and squawked.

"I know!" Sinbad said to the bird. He whiped her forehead. "Bryn, Bryn snap out of it!"

Bryn gasped and her eyes flew wide open. "The wind….blowing the clouds….riding on the wind….it's riding on the wind…..coming…soon…." Her eyes rolled back and she fell limp.

"Bryn!" Sinbad got a wet cloth and pressed it to her forehead. The Bracelet glow flickered out. "Something's coming…" he whispered.

Chapter Two


Bryn's forehead was hot to the touch and coated with a thin layer of sweat. Sinbad gingerly pressed a cold cloth to her face. "Something is coming…" he mumbled. Bryn's prophecy was cryptic. Something was coming…but what? He debated: sail as soon as possible and risk being caught in the storm, or wait for the storm, and whatever was coming with it, come to them. Bryn was unconscious, and Sinbad quickly went to rally his crew to her room. Firouz looked almost worst then Bryn, being thoroughly drunk.

"What's wrong with her?" Doubar questioned, concerned.

"I don't know, she had a headache and looked pale, so I brought her up here. She then started saying strange things. Something is coming, something bad, but I don't know. That's all she said before she passed out.

"What do we do, little brother?"

"I'm not sure. There's a storm coming, and according to Bryn something coming with that storm. If we caught the next tide, it's a heavy risk. We'd either beat it, or be caught in it. If we stayed here, the storm will come and go…but there's no telling what comes with it."

"Whaddya mean wash doo we dooo?" Firouz slurred, "Thash eashy! We shtay of courrrse! I ain't gonna let anyshting bad happen to Kiiirraa!"

Sinbad chuckled, "As always, Firouz knows what to do. Alright, we stay until the storm rides out. It'll be a few days, be on your guard."

The crew nodded. Firouz stood and declared he was going back downstairs. Doubar and Rongar quickly rushed to his sides to steady him out the door. Doubar glanced back at Bryn, "Will she be alright?"

"I think so. I hope so," Sinbad replied, "You three go on, I'll watch her."

Dermott squawked,

"Ok ok, we'll watch her!" Sinbad laughed at the bird who perched over Bryn. Doubar nodded and shut the door on his way out. Sinbad stretched and reclined in his chair. He wished he hadn't had so much to drink now. Bryn wasn't the only one now who had a headache. He was exhausted and wanted to sleep, but loyalty refused to let him leave Bryn. Instead, he gently lifted a pillow from her bed and propped it on his chair. Ah that felt much better. It had been a long hard day at sea and he manned the tiller all day. It felt so nice just to rest….relax……


"Sinbad? Sinbad? Wake up."

A voice drifted in and out of his head. Sinbad's eyes fluttered away and his vision was filled with Bryn leaning close, nudging him awake.

"Bryn…How do you feel?"

"Well enough to stand up and shake you awake I guess," she replied, "something is still eating at the back of my mind though."

Sinbad nodded, "I discussed that with the crew last night. We've decided to stay here a few days and ride the storm, and whatever comes, out."

Bryn nodded, "I guess that's best."

Dermott squawked loudly and Bryn laughed, "Alright alright, you're right. We should get breakfast."

Sinbad laughed too, "Now that I'm awake, I'm starving."

Bryn gestured her left arm to Dermott and he flew over and to his perch on her Rainbow Bracelet. Together, the three exited the room. "I wonder how Firouz is doing," Bryn commented.

"Probably nursing a hangover and vowing revenge on Doubar and that barmaid!"

Bryn smiled, "Kira, yes I need to return that dress to her."

Sinbad suddenly remember the red satin and chiffon dress with a smile. "Yes I remember that. It suited you very well."

Bryn suddenly blushed to about the shade of the dress. "Thank you…"


Downstairs, they found the crew well into breakfast. Doubar laughed heartily as he scooped another spoonful of porridge into his mouth. Rongar sat in his usual quiet demeanor, eating. Firouz was using his porridge bowl to vomit into.

"Bryn, how are you feeling this morning?" Doubar asked as she and Sinbad sat down.

"Much better Doubar, thanks."

Lyka hurried over to the table and sat in Sinbad's lap. "Captain! You disappeared last night!" she said with a charming pout, shoving all her cleavage forward. Bryn felt she would soon join Firouz in vomiting.

Sinbad squirmed and pulled Lyka politely out of his lap. "Sorry, but something came up," he said.

Lyka gave him a rejected look and stormed away angrily. Bryn snickered and tried to hide it but soon fell into throws of laughter which Doubar quickly joined in. Sinbad just cocked a smile and spooned himself a bowlful of porridge.

"If we're going to be here a few days," Firouz said as he lifted his face from his bowl, "we might as well try and make ourselves useful. Maybe earn a few coins along the way."

Sinbad nodded, "After breakfast, we'll go into town and scout around."

"In town?" Kira said as she came to the table with a plate of fruit. "Honey, have you seen the sky? Nobody is going to be out at the market." She smiled at Bryn, "Good morning lass. How are you feeling today?"

Bryn smiled, "Much better Kira, and I'll have that dress to you after breakfast."

Kira laughed heartily and patted her belly, "Honey child I won't ever be able to fit into that dress again. You keep it."

Bryn eyes widened. "Th-thank you Kira!" she exclaimed.

Kira simply smiled, nodded, and hustled back to the kitchen.

"The sky?" Firouz said, puzzled. Bryn jumped out of her seat and ran to the door, opened it, and ran outside. Sinbad and Doubar quickly followed. Bryn's face had a look of dread as she stared at the sky. Sinbad and Doubar saw it and quickly looked up.

The sky was green and the prominent clouds were churning in ways that make one's stomach ill. "The storm's not coming…it's already here," Bryn said. Sinbad and Doubar looked at her.

"We better go tie everything down on the Nomad," Sinbad said, "I'll go ahead, you guys get Rongar and Firouz and catch up."

"No," Bryn said and they looked at her. "I'll get Rongar and Firouz. Doubar, go with Sinbad. I don’t want anyone alone."

Sinbad nodded and he and Doubar set off down the street. Bryn went back into the bar and helped Kira gather all the food into bowls and take them up to the rooms. She, along with Rongar and Firouz, then headed for the Nomad. They had to stop once so Firouz could vomit again, but eventually made it.


Sinbad and Doubar were down in the cabin, busy collecting up fragile items and placing them in secure chests. Rongar and Bryn set to placing the sails in canvas bags and storing them in the cabin, while Firouz pulled out a strange contraption and tested the air. It was dead still.

"Not a good sign," Sinbad said, "I don't have to be Bryn to tell when the air is still, there is trouble brewing."

"How much longer till the clouds open?" Doubar asked.

"I'd wager about 20 minutes," Firouz yelled from across the ship.

"That doesn't give us time," Doubar added.

Bryn and Rongar quickly ran by with armfuls of canvas bags, down into the cabin.

"Is that it?" Doubar yelled down the stairs.

"Yeah!" Bryn yelled back.

Dermott was starting to squawk and flutter about. "We need to get going!" Doubar yelled. Two bags were thrown up deck. "What's this?" Doubar yelled back, picking up one.

"Extra supplies for you and Firouz!" Sinbad yelled, walking up the stairs with a bag over his shoulder. Bryn and Rongar were on his heals, each carrying a bag. Bryn had her cloak draped around her. Sinbad locked the cabin door and gave a last look over the deck.

"Ok, let's hurry back to the Tavern," he said. The crew rushed down the streets. People were fast moving their belongings inside and locking their doors.

"It's starting to look like a ghost town," Firouz commented.

"Don't say that," Bryn snapped.

They arrived at the Tavern just in time and threw their bags in their rooms. Everyone settled at a table. Bryn kept her cloak on and walked to the doorway. It was a cabinet door and opened both the top half and the bottom. Bryn opened the top door and leaned over the bottom, staring out. Thunder was beginning to rumble and the wind was stirred. The wind blew in and knocked a few glasses over.

"Close that damn door!" a burly bartender roared.

Bryn quickly shut the top door. On a second thought, she opened the doors together and went outside, shutting it behind her. Outside, the wind was blowing so hard it knocked her against the door. Her cloaked whipped in the air. She braced herself against the door and stared out. She had been through many storms, but this one had an evil aura to it.

Suddenly, she felt the door give from behind her and open. She lost her balance and fell backwards. She felt something grab her and support her back up. Her head whirled around and saw Sinbad.

"You ok?" he asked as he steadied her.

"Yeah, I just lost my balance, that's all."

"Do you feel anything?"

"Everything. It's hard to explain…just this overall presence of evil."

Suddenly the clouds opened with a fury! Rain poured down and lightning crackled. A bolt struck a cart nearby. Bryn screamed and Sinbad grabbed her and spun her around, shielding her. His hand fumbled for the door handle and opened the door, pushing her in. He followed and slammed the door shut.

"Fierce out there?" Kira asked, seeing Sinbad and Bryn's drenched state?

"Very," Sinbad replied in an exhale. Bryn twisted her dark hair to wring the water out. She then headed upstairs.

"Where're you going lass?" Doubar asked as she headed up.

"I'm soaked, I'm going to dry off and wring my cloak out."

"I better also," Sinbad added. They had only been out a few seconds, but it was all the rain needed to thoroughly drench them.

Once in her room, Bryn removed her cloak and wrung it out over a basin, then hanging it up to dry. She dried her hair best as she could with a soft cloth and headed out.

Sinbad had rejoined the crew when she returned. The barmaids looked jumpy and a glass or two would shatter everytime thunder crackled. Bryn looked uneasy and it was evident to the rest of the crew. Suddenly, she wretched over with a gasp and fall off her chair, hitting the floor with a thud. The crew quickly flew off their seats and rushed to her aid.

"Bryn, what is it?" Sinbad beseeched.

Her head lulled side to side and she laid on her side clutching her stomach, curled up like a baby. Sinbad scooped her up and rested her on his knees, cradling her gently. "….coming…s'coming….coming…'s coming…" she groaned.

Suddenly the entire bar shook with a thundering fury. Glasses and dishes spilled off the tables and shattered. People lost their balance and hit the floor.

"It's coming…it's coming!" Bryn said, grinding her feet.

"No…it's here!" Sinbad yelled.


Chapter 3


The entire Tavern building was shaking with the fury of an earthquake. Glasses tipped over and shattered on the floor. Barmaids lost their balance and hit the floor, screaming.

The balance of the Nomad's crew was no better. Sinbad kneeled on the ground, holding Bryn, who clutched to him in pain, while the rest of the crew gathered around them in concern.

"We gotta get out of here!" Doubar yelled above the chaos.

"And go where?" Firouz yelled back, "It's no better outside!"

"The Tavern is gonna calapse!" a barmaid screamed.

Sinbad looked up. He could hear the structure creaking. Pieces of wood were starting to fall and windows shattered. "This place is going to collapse!" he shouted, "Everyone get out!!!" With a firm hold on Bryn, he darted towards the door and kicked it open. "Come on everyone!" His crew was right on his heels. Suddenly a gust of wind and rain blew in there faces. Bracing against it, they ran outside and were hit with hell. The wind blew fiercly and rain whipped sharply against them. Sinbad held Bryn close, trying to shield her. As the barmaids ran out, the crew saw them scramble to maintain balance, but most fell into the mud and slid down the street. The town was flooding and water rushed between their legs. Rongar held to Dermott fast to keep the poor hawk from being blown away.

Suddenly the tavern gave a loud groan and collapsed. Screams filled the air even more and people dashed to avoid the flying debris. Sinbad saw his crew scatter. He darted down and alley and found shelter behind a wall. He was breathing heavily and felt Bryn move in his arms. "Bryn?" he said softly, "are you alright?"

Bryn looked up into Sinbad's eyes. He could clearly see she was in pain. She gasped in horror and reached up, touching Sinbad's forehead. Her fingers turned red with his blood. "You're hurt!" she said.

Sinbad hadn't even noticed a piece of debris hit him as he ran. "It's nothing," he assured her.

"No," she said, "you're hurt! I have had enough of this!" She jumped out of Sinbad's arms and stormed down the ally to the street, ignoring the wind and rain.

"Bryn wait!" Sinbad yelled as he chased after her. Once she got to the street, she saw, to her horror, the chaos the storm was causing.

"I've had enough of this!" she yelled at the sky, "You're hurting my friends and I won't stand for this! Show yourself!"

A low rumble came from clouds. "That's not thunder…." Firouz said warily. As the rumble grew it started to sound more like…laughter! Bryn's face showed no fear. She was angry now and determined. The clouds shifted to form the body of a person. "And that's not Zeus!" Firouz added.

"Well done little elemental girl.. It's not often I'm recognized," the cloud-man thundered.

"What's the meaning of this?" Bryn demanded, "You're hurting my friends and you're enjoying it!"

"Am I not a storm?" the cloud-man demanded, "Am I not doing what I do? I delight in myself. This is who I am!"

Bryn peered at him strangely and cocked her head. "No you're not," she said flatly.

The ground shook with the cloud-man's fury. Everyone who had tried to stand up fell again, except Bryn, who held her stance. "You dare to question me?" he rumbled, "Foolish girl! You shall know my wrath! Know the wrath of a storm!" With that, a bolt of lightning struck a few feet in front of Bryn. The ground exploded beneath her and she was thrown back far down the street. She hit the flooded street hard and skidded through the mud and water.

"Bryn!" Sinbad yelled. The crew scrambled to get to her. Firouz got there first and checked her for broken bones.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I hope I look worse than I am," she winced.

The rest of the crew arrived. "Are you crazy lass?" Doubar asked. "What are you doing questioning a storm?"

"He's not a storm…not a real one at least. That much I can tell."

"Then what is he?" Sinbad asked.

"Something else. He thinks he's a storm, but he's not. I'm sure of this."

"So what do we do?" Firouz asked as he looked up at the clouds.

Bryn forced herself to stand, despite the pain in her hips. "Not we…me. He's hurt you all already. I'm not going to let you all be hurt again, not anymore!" She started to walk back down to the clouds. Sinbad quickly grabbed her and spun her around, his grip on her arms tight.

"What are you talking about Bryn? You're hurt too, maybe more than any of us!"

Bryn's face was wet. Sinbad couldn't tell if it was the rain…or tears. "Sinbad, I have no past…I can’t remember having friends or family. That's what you, and Doubar, and Firouz, and Rongar, and Dermott are to me! You're my family and my friends…and I…I can't stand the thought of seeing you hurt! You especially…when you saved me on that island…you changed everything…and I…I…"

Now Sinbad was convinced they were tears. Keeping a firm grip on her, he pressed her to his chest in a fierce embrace. He could feel her tremble and his lips brushed against her forehead. As they separated, Bryn's eyes were full of tears, but her face full of renewed strength. She whirled out of his arms, faced the cloud-man and yelled, "It's time you learned!" she screamed against the wind. Her eyes lit with yellow fire.

The cloud-man chuckled, "So the little elemental girl wants to challenge me, eh?"

As Bryn marched down the street, the glow in her eyes spread until her entire body glowed yellow. Sinbad felt his Rainbow Bracelet light with bright red, green, and blue fire. Staring ahead, he saw Bryn's burst into the same fire. "Bryn…" he whispered. With a snarl, Bryn thrust her right arm forward and yellow sparks sprang from her fingertips, searing the clouds. The cloud-man flinched slightly and bellowed.

"Bah is this the best you can do? Pathetic! Face it, little elemental girl, you do not have the strength!"

"I have the strength…" Bryn panted, "I have the strength…" She was pouring all her energy forth and it wasn't having much affect on the cloud. She was throwing all she had into her magicks and she could feel herself weakening, "I have the strength…I have the strength," she kept repeating, almost chanting.

Sinbad saw her wobble slightly. It was all the clue he needed. He dashed foreword, his Rainbow Bracelet aglow, and seized her left hand in his own. Their Rainbow Bracelets glowed even brighter and Bryn could feel new strength, Sinbad's strength, rushing forth into her body and out her fingertips. The clouds roared in pain, feeling this new power.

"I shall not falter!" the clouds thundered. "I am a storm! You shall know this for yourself!" A group of thick green clouds descended upon Sinbad and Bryn. Sinbad felt Bryn's hand tighten around his. Suddenly it felt as though they were in the middle of a cyclone. And then there was blackness…

When the clouds lifted the crew gasped in horror. Sinbad and Bryn were gone.


Chapter 4


Doubar, Firouz, and Rongar gasped in horror. One second ago, the thick clouds had descended upon Bryn and Sinbad. The next second later, the clouds lifted but the two were gone. Dermott flapped and squawked wildly.

"Impossible…" Firouz said, awestruck, "how could they just disappear?"

Dermott continued to squawk wildly. Doubar walked over and gently laid a hand on the frantic bird. "They'll be alright little one, those two have a bond, they won't let eachother die."

Sinbad couldn't see anything but a greenish-grey haze all around him, but he could still feel Bryn's hand tightly gripped in his own. His other hand fumbled for her and found her arm. "Bryn!" he shouted, "Are you ok?"

"Don't shout! I'm right here!" Bryn said back and squeezed his hand, "I'm ok, how about you?"

"Fine, but I can't see anything in front of me. What happened?"

"We're…we're in the cloud-man! He took us."

"That's right, little elemental girl!" the cloud-man bellowed all around them, "you are inside a storm!"

Bryn frowned, "Why do you keep calling yourself a storm? You're human."

Sinbad cocked an eyebrow, "Human? What do you mean Bryn? Does this look human to you?"

"FOOL!" the cloud-man roared, "you dare contradict me twice?!"

The air began to crackle with electricity. Sinbad heard Bryn scream just as he began to feel his own body searing inside and out. White lightning flashed and he could see Bryn's eyes clenched tightly as she bit down the pain. Their hands clenched to eachother tightly. Sinbad bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from crying out in pain. Crimson blood filled his mouth. And then it was over. The two fell to what surmised as the ground panting. Sinbad could smell something burning and then realized the smell was coming from him and Bryn.

"Are you alright?" he heard Bryn exhale.

He gave her hand a squeeze, "Enough to hear you."

"Don't you dare challenge me again, little elemental girl!" the cloud-man roared, "No one challenges me without punishment! No one defies a storm!"

Suddenly the air was charged again, but only Sinbad wrenched back in pain. His hand was torn from Bryn's as the electricity pulsed in him. "Stop it!" Bryn screamed, "Stop hurting him!" Yellow magick burst out of her body and shot out all around. She could hear a low moan around her. "Stop hurting him!" she screamed again and tempest energy whirled all around her. The wind blew wildly and the clouds seemed to blow away ahead of them. Bryn could see a silhouette in the distance. Sinbad was writhing in pain. Bryn's hand directed at the shadow and yellow energy surrounded him. The shadow arched it's back and fell over. The electricity immediately stopped and Sinbad collapsed. Bryn rushed to his side, taking his hand in hers. "Sinbad? Sinbad are you alright?"

Sinbad groaned, "That phrase is starting to get old." He tried to flash his charming smile at her but blood dribble down his chin. Bryn leaned over and whiped it away with the corner of her dress. She helped him to stand, supporting him with her shoulder. "What…who is that?" Sinbad asked, looking at the fallen shadow.

"I think it's the answer to this madness," she replied as they walked towards it. As the vision became clearer, they saw an old man lying in the mists. "I told you…human."

The man turned around and stood up with a fury. "No! I am a storm! You are a fool to challenge me!"

Bryn could sense energy building again and her eyes flashed yellow, "No, no more tricks of yours again or you'll regret it!" The energy settled.

"What's the meaning of this? Who are you?" Sinbad demanded.

"I am a storm!" the old man replied.

"No, you are human. A powerful human, a wizard," Bryn said.

"NO!!!" the old man screamed, "NO!!! I'm not that! I'm not that!"

The air began to churn and swirl, wind whipping around them. Sinbad's hand found Bryn's and they braced themselves to keep from falling over. Bryn's eyes glowed yellow. She could feel the electricity building again. "No!" she exclaimed, "You're human!" she suddenly felt her mind touch the old man's and visions filled her eyes. "You had a wife! You two were happy, then she- aaaarrrrghh!!!" The electricity seared at them.

"Be quiet you wench!" the old man bellowed.

Sinbad's hand clutched Bryn's tightly. "You had a wife!" Bryn yelled against the winds, "But she was killed in a storm….a hurricane!"

"Quiet I say!!!"

"You felt yourself die with her! You rejected your emotions! Your own humanity! You were a powerful wizard and you used magick to make yourself what you hated!"


Bryn and Sinbad felt as though they were in the very heart of chaos. Bryn felt she was going to loose her balance against the wind. It blew sharply against her and she felt herself falling into it. Sinbad moved behind her and she fell against him. He braced her again him, still holding on to her. "You're getting to him Bryn!" he yelled.

"You loved your wife and you couldn't accept what killed her, so you became your hatred! You have to stop. Other people are getting hurt! Don't be the storm that killed your wife!" Bryn yelled, her voice getting hoarse.

"You can do this Bryn!" Sinbad yelled, then his voice grew soft, "I believe in you. I'm right behind you."

"I feel your strength," Bryn whispered. The yellow glow in her eyes spread to encompass them both. Their Rainbow Bracelets lit up brightly. The wind around them began to subside and the pain was gone.

The old man screamed as the wind and lightning began to surround him. His eyes grew wide with realization. "I am a storm…I am….I am…..human…" Suddenly he wrenched in the pain of his own magicks turning on him, "NO!!!! I’m HUMAN!!! I’m HUMAN!!!" He gave one last blood-curdling scream and the lightning blinded Sinbad and Bryn. For a moment there was only whiteness…then everything was black.

"Sinbad? Sinbad?"

Sinbad moaned and slowly opened his eyes. He saw Firouz bending over slightly, pressed a wet cloth to his forehead. He could see Doubar and Rongar behind him with concerned faces. "Firouz, where…"

"Relax, you're in an Inn. It's over. It's all ok now." Firouz said.

"Has us worried there, little brother," Doubar said, "You're been out all day and night."

Sinbad tried to sit up but Firouz pushed him back down. "Bryn! Where…is she okay?"

Firouz nodded, "She'll be fine. She's still unconscious, but she should be okay." He gestured to the bed where Bryn lay sleeping.

Sinbad sat up, despite Firouz's protests, and went over to her bedside. She lay sleeping peacefully. "While you two were unconscious," Doubar said, "Me and Kira cleaned and dried you two off."

"The storm kind of imploded, more or less. And then we found you two out cold in the mud," Firouz added.

"Kira and the others, are they-?" Sinbad started.

"Don't you worry about them," Doubar interrupted, "They're fine and they've already set to rebuilding the tavern."

Sinbad smiled and nodded, then looked at Bryn. "Bryn," he said softly as his thumb caressed her cheek, "Bryn wake up."

Doubar motioned to Rongar and Firouz and they quietly snuck out of the room. Except for Dermott, who kept his vigil on Bryn's bedpost. "Bryn," he whispered again. Bryn moaned and rubbed her cheek against his fingers. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.


"It's ok. We're at an Inn. We're safe now. You saved us." Sinbad said gently.

"I remember, his grief made his magick turn on him," she said wearily.

Sinbad nodded, "He's gone then."

Bryn nodded, "I guess so. Is everyone ok?"

"They're fine. We're all fine. You saved us all."

Bryn shook her head slightly, "No, not me alone. I couldn't have done it without you. Your strength gave me the power." She lifted a hand and touched his Rainbow Bracelet. He in turn took her hand in his own and smiled. "I told you, I wouldn't let you guys be hurt anymore…" Bryn said softly, looking him in the eyes.

Sinbad smiled warmly and nodded. His hands reached down and scooped Bryn and drew her to him in a warm embrace. Bryn closed her eyes and buried her face in his shoulder. Timespace seemed to freeze there a few minutes until they started to separate. Their faces were a few inches away from eachother. "Ready to catch a tide?" he asked. Bryn nodded and smiled. Sinbad smiled and his thumb brushed her cheek lightly, then his hand drew her face to his in a soft kiss. They remained that way for what seemed like an eternity. They drew away with part regret, part hope for the future. Sinbad held Bryn's hand and his and they walked to the door.

Dermott flew to Bryn and perched on her bracelet. She giggled, "Don't you get jealous now."

Sinbad laughed. "Let's catch that tide!" Sinbad said with and opened the door.