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Sinbad\Bryn Quotes

The Sacrifice

Sinbad: What's his problem?
Bryn: Me, I guess!
Sinbad: You mean you don't know?.....well, if you weren't his problem before you sure are now!

Sinbad: Wait. That bracelet.
Bryn: What about it?
Sinbad: Do you remember where you got it?
Sinbad: Me neither. But, let me guess. There was a storm. You thought there was no hope. Then, you awoke in a strange place and were safe. You had the bracelet on.
Bryn: There was a storm, I think. I awoke here, but I can't remember anything; except my name. I don't know who I am or where I came from.
Sinbad:Well, you're here, Maeve's gone. Dim-Dim always told me that everything has it's purpose. I pray that he is right.

Sinbad: Can you swim??
Bryn: We'll find out!
Sinbad: I was looking for a more positive answer!


Bryn: The warriors captured me and tied me to their altar.
Sinbad: But you escaped.
Bryn: Yeah.
Sinbad: And you have powers.
Bryn: Sometimes.
Sinbad: But the way you tossed the warrior just by looking at him...?
Bryn: I didn't mean to do that. I did, but not exactly. It's this gift I have. It comes and goes. I don't understand it.....Sinbad. Something's moving.
Sinbad: Stay here. Keep out of sight.
Bryn: I can take care of myself.
Sinbad: I know, but if that creature returns, or those warriors, I'll need you to watch my back.

The Return of the Ronin

Heart and Soul

Bryn: Look at them. Not a care in the world.

Sinbad: Wait 'till they're married


Sinbad: Bryn... you okay?
Bryn: Yeah, I think so...
Sinbad: Feeling any better?
Bryn: A little. The pain's gone.
Sinbad: Probably just hunger pains.
Bryn: No. It wasn't my pain I was feeling. It came from... from out there.

Bryn: Don't make a move. He's not alone.
Sinbad: They've stopped. What's going on?
Bryn: There centuries
Sinbad: Whose centuries?
Bryn: We're about to find out!
Sinbad: Campsite! Go!

The Voyage to Hell

Bryn: Something about his burden feels painfully familiar.
Sinbad: Life's a mystery. Yours is more of a mystery than most.

Sinbad: Some men die hard.
Bryn: Their hate lives on, their torments striving to be timeless.
Sinbad: Well said.
Bryn: Now if I can just recall where I get my wisdom.
Sinbad: It'll come back to you.



Ali Rashid and the Theives

The Gift

Sinbad: I still can't believe that Aiden's getting married.
Bryn: In case you hadn't noticed, lots of people get married.

Sinbad: Something about him...Bryn, you must have sensed it.
Bryn: There is an unnatural force present, but if it's a who or a what or a whatever, I can't tell. This murderer's rage is deeply rooted though. There will be another killing before the night is over.

Bryn: Get away from me! Get away!
Sinbad: Bryn. You alright?
Bryn: The doll the little man gave me. It attacked me, I got angry, I reacted...the next thing I knew...

The Curse of the Gorgons

Bryn: Sinbad..we are between voyages.
Sinbad: Do you really want this?
Bryn: Yes, I do.

Sinbad: Bryn...there's something more, isn't there?
Bryn: The boy's problem is beyond his understanding.


The Beast of Basra


Bryn: Sinbad!
Sinbad: What now?
Bryn: There's damage to the starboard side.

Sinbad: Bryn, could this be what you sensed before?
Bryn: It must be.

Bryn: He's not angry with us.
Sinbad: If not us, then who?
Bryn: He's afraid.

Bryn: Something's wrong.
Sinbad: What?
Bryn: Very wrong. Doubar's in danger.

The Monster

Sinbad: Where'd he go?
Bryn: Towards the beach. Maybe we should just let him- okay, maybe not.

Bryn: Meaning we have to free him.....what?
Sinbad: It's your will. It brightens up your face.

Sinbad: Okay. You two stop the others. I'll take care of him... I think.
Bryn: Alone?
Sinbad: Something like that.

The Passengers

Sinbad: It seems he has a thing for you.
Bryn: Huh. A thing he's going to lose if he's not careful.

Bryn: I just wanted to know why you'd issue orders that are dangerous and reckless. Look at me!
Sinbad: Go. You have work to do. If you're afraid, you can always be left behind in the longboat.

The Invaders

Bryn: Just come back as you, ok?
Sinbad: It's nice to know I'm wanted.

Sinbad: Can't sleep either?
Bryn: Firouz won't stop talking!

Sinbad: Well, I know one thing that I'll never forget - that we're not alone.
Bryn: I've never known you to spend too much time alone in the 1st place.

The Book of Before

Sinbad. Are you all right?
Bryn. Uh-huh. Something's wrong though. I just don't know what.

Sinbad. How did you know...Dim Dim
Bryn. He's growing fond of me.
Sinbad. Ashes to ashes...

A City Under Plague

Bryn: So, we're infected?!
Sinbad: That's funny, I don't feel sick.

Sinbad: Bryn!
Bryn: Sinbad! Where've you been!?

The Empress

Bryn. Something's approaching!
Sinbad. From what direction?
Bryn. I'm not sure, but it's something that intends us harm.
Sinbad. I don't see anything.
Bryn. There's definitely something!

Bryn: It was an easy journey
Sinbad: You sound almost disappointed
Bryn: I must be developing a sense of adventure!

Castle Keep

The Gryphons' Tale

Bryn: Stop them. STOP THEM!
Sinbad: Stop who, Bryn?
Bryn: She's coming

Bryn: I'm coming too.
Sinbad: Bryn...
Bryn: Don't give me this "too dangerous" stuff. I connected with the mother gryphon.

Bryn: No, no that's not it. The feeling I had, the thoughts I received, they weren't from that gryphon.
Sinbad: Then who?
Bryn: The gryphon that was stolen was a baby. The thoughts I shared came from it's mother.
Sinbad: Bryn?
Bryn: She's coming for her child.

Sinbad: How you feeling?
Bryn: I don't know... happy, sad, a little jealous.
Sinbad: I don't understand.
Bryn: I'm envious of those creatures. Even they have each other. But me? I can't remember having a family. I can't remember belonging.
Sinbad: Well, I guess you could always stay behind with the Gryphons.
Bryn: Thank you, Mr. Sentimental.

The Beast of the Dark

Bryn: When Mutaro's with me, focused on me, he's aware of nothing else. There is no monster. You and the crew can get to the Nomad safely, while I distract him.
Sinbad: You mean stay behind? You realize that means you may never get off this island.
Bryn: I know how he feels. Besides, all of our lives are at stake.
Sinbad: Then know that I'll come back for you. I'll get you back on the Nomad. No matter what it takes.

Survival Run

Bryn (talking to Sinbad): About your taste in women.....

Sinbad. Any insights?
Bryn: Well, she knows more that what she's saying. She's scared, angry and she doesn't trust any of us.

Sinbad. Keep your eyes open.
Bryn. What are you expecting?
Sinbad. The unexpected.

Sinbad: What's up?
Bryn. Men on horseback heading this way.

Bryn: You're going to miss her, aren't you?
Sinbad: Yeah. She kind of grows on you.
Bryn: Well, she'll be able to go back and help her people now. The Sultan's named her his chief advisor on dealing with his subjects in both kingdoms.
Sinbad: He's going to be in for quite a shock.
Bryn: How so?
Sinbad: Can you imagine TWO kingdoms' worth of people with Dara's attitude? Still she was pretty.
Doubar: And smart.
Sinbad: Hmm. Ah and the courage she showed.
Bryn: Well, sure, but... really... she didn't have much of a choice.
Sinbad: Oh I don't know... she could have run away at any time.
Firouz: But she didn't.
Doubar: Beauty and brains.
Firouz: And every inch a lady.
Sinbad: You don't find much of that in this world anymore.
Bryn: Well, I don't see any of you killing yourselves looking! Very funny! (to Dermott) Not you too.


The Minotaurs

The Guardians

Bryn: Here... your turn.
Sinbad: I'm not sure I know how to hold him.
Bryn: Just keep his head above his heels. Good. You're a natural. Now I plan to go bathe, and I'd appreciate some privacy.


Bryn: For luck.

(you know what comes next!)

Sinbad: Now I feel lucky.

Hell House