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"Mourning Begets Love"

by Leah Kindsey

 Chapter One

"I was willing to let you live because you’re Lord Turok’s daughter, but I don’t care about that anymore!"

"Scratch let her go!"

"HAHAHA! Not a chance hero, I won’t have my plans disrupted."


"BRYN! Damn you Scratch!"

"Why thank you, but I’m not the one who’s being damned this time! Say bye-bye to your filly."




Sinbad awoke with a start, soaked in cold sweat and tears. He looked about the cabin and breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that his nightmare had not woken anyone else. His bed was drenched in sweat and felt too wet to try to sleep in anymore. He slipped into his and pulled on a clean shirt, then tip-toed up to the deck. The air was brisk against his tear-stained face, but it felt refreshing. "Bryn..." he whispered as he leaned over the railing. "I’m so sorry," he said for the uncountable time. He knew all the apologies wouldn’t bring back her sweet smile...or the glint in her dark eyes...or the way the sun caught the highlights in her hair. She was dead.

"How is her body?"

"She has healed well once again. We are fortunate. Her soul remains integrated."

"The psyche?"

"The Hellfire burned it just as terribly as it did her body. We were fortunate to teleport her away before it totally consumed her."

"She is one of the Chosen Ones, she mustn’t be allowed to die again. Her soul cannot take reintegration again."

"We will keep watch as always."

"How shall we return her?"

"The Council agrees she should be returned to her Bonded One."

"It will put her in danger again."

"That is a risk we will have to take. They will not have the will to be Chosen Ones without eachother; the Bond would not exist."


The Nomad was docked in Basra for supplies. The crew secretly chose that location because they felt Sinbad could use something to perk his spirits up. He had been quiet and spending his time in solitude since Bryn’s death. The ship seemed to have a dark shadow cast over it.

"Sinbad, won’t you join us at the pub?" Doubar asked.

"No thanks Doubar, I’m not in the mood for it."

"You’ve been quiet since we set sail."

"Why shouldn’t I be? She’s dead, Doubar! She’s gone and I’ll never see her again, I’ll never be able to tell her..everything!"

"Little brother..."

"I loved her Doubar. I did. With all my heart."

Doubar was half-shocked. "Sinbad, I...I had a hunch, but I didn’t know."

"I swear somehow I’ll find Scratch and kill him!"

"Aye in time little brother, but calm down for now. Your anger won’t help Bryn."

"Maybe not, but it will avenge her!" Sinbad said darkly as he looked out to the sea. He pounded his fist against the railing. "Damnit! By Allah Doubar, we..we never even gave her a proper burial!"

"Sinbad there was nothing left. We searched but we couldn’t find her body. There were only ashes."

"And the wind swept them away," Sinbad sighed, "I know, I’m sorry to snap at you."

Doubar laid a comforting hand on his shoulders, "It’s alright little brother. I miss her too, a lot. We all do."

Dermott swooped down at landed on the railing nearby. Sinbad tried to smile, "You too, eh? I’m sorry we lost your mistress." Dermott chirped sadly and took a few steps closer to Sinbad.

"He knows you are," Doubar assured him, "Come, please join the rest of us at the pub. We’ll drink a toast to her tonight and remember her properly. The way she would’ve like us to." Sinbad smiled and hugged his brother, then followed him down the plank.


"Is it wise to awaken her?"

"The Council is in agreement. We must make sure the damage is repaired."

"Very well, I’m bringing her out of the coma."

Bryn’s eyes fluttered open and she saw two figures in white robes with hoods that hid their faces standing over her. She tried to jerk up, but her body was too lethargic and weak.

"Easy Bryn," one of the figures said, "You must regain your strength."

"Where am I? What happened?" Bryn said softly.

"What do you remember?"

"Scratch had captured the crew and me. I was in a pit surrounded by fire. Sinbad was above me at the edge, yelling at Scratch. That demon laughed and suddenly the flames moved in and I was on fire. I was screaming in pain. Then nothing..."

"You are correct. Scratch tried to kill you with his Hellfire. We teleported you from the pit just before you were burned to death."

"Teleport? Then this is...the alien ship we encountered once!"

"You are correct. We have healed and nourrished your body."

"Not that I am not grateful, but why?"

The figure gestured at Bryn’s Rainbow Bracelet. "You are one of the Chosen Ones who will aid in ushering and maintaining an era of peace for your world."

"So you are the ones who gave Sinbad, Testus, and me the Rainbow Bracelets. Do you know why I can’t remember my past then? And why Sinbad can’t remember two years of his life?"

"Yes we orchestrated that to yours’ and our advantage. Can you stand?"

Bryn sat up and stood. "Yes, I don’t feel weak anymore."

"Good, come with us and we will explain all."


Chapter Two

Bryn followed the two cloaked figures down a white hall. "This place seems familiar," she commented.

"It is," the first figure said, "You were here some time ago."

"Oh," was all Bryn could reply. The figures came to a door. One pressed a hand to a panel and the doors opened with a small burst of air. They continued into a rounded chamber. The walls were a huge screen.

The first figure turned to Bryn, "I am the one called Xenthrope."

"I am the one called Baylas," the second figure said.

Bryn nodded in recognition to them. "What is this place?"

"You our onboard our ship. This is the viewing room," Baylas said.


"We understand your confusion, Bryn," Xenthrope said, "But all will be made clear in time."

"You can tell me about my past?" Bryn asked hopeful.

"We will tell you what you can," Baylas said.

"Will you send me back to the Nomad?"

"In time."

"Well this is all hopeful. I guess tell me what you can," Bryn said with a shrug.


If not in tears tonight, Sinbad seemed to be drowning his sorrows in ale. Time was sulking along and he had already consumed several huge mugfuls. He waved a barmaid over and ordered another round. When she delivered them, he took a mug and stood up, putting one foot on his chair. "A toast," he slurred, raising his mug, "To the memories. May they keep by our side always. Here's to you Bryn." He gulped down a huge swig.

"Here Here!" Doubar added and took a swig.

"To Bryn!" the rest of the crew chorused.

Sinbad sank into his chair, "Allah I'm going to miss her. She was always there if you needed someone to talk to."

"Aye, there never was a sweeter soul," Doubar said.

"She was so kind-hearted, and so content being with us, eventhough she didn't remember her past," Firouz added.

Rongar made a sign. "Aye Rongar," Doubar said, "She truly loved us all."

Sinbad sighed sadly, "Aye."


"We've blocked your memories because it was necessary for you to have a new start," explained Xenthrope.

"Can you give them back?" Bryn asked.

"No, as I said before, we BLOCKED them, we did not remove them. They will fully return to you in time. You must trust our judgement."

Bryn nodded, "I sense you are good people. How long have I been up here?"

"Since your near-death at Scratch's hands, a month," Baylas replied.

"A month!" Bryn exclaimed, "What about my friends? Do they know I'm alright?"

Xenthrope shook his head, "No, it has been necessary to keep it a secret. They think you are dead."

Bryn turned pale, "Are the alright? I mean…without me?"

Xenthrope gestured to the screen, "See for yourself."

The screen flashed on and showed the crew at the bar. "Sinbad…" breathed Bryn, "Doubar, Firouz, Dermott, Rongar…" She ran to the screen and touched It lightly.

Sinbad gently stroked Dermott's feathers. The hawk chirped at him. "We’ve lost so many crewmen over time. I know it's a risk that comes with being a sailor…but…Allah why did I have her on board. I could've dropped her off with good people at a port and she would've been ok. She'd still be alive."

"Bryn knew the risks," Firouz said, "She wanted to be with us, you know that. Dim-Dim said she was the key."

"I've failed Master Dim-Dim, Firouz! She's dead! I should've done something!" Sinbad said in drunken anguish.

"Oh Sinbad…" Bryn whispered.

"There was nothing you could've done," Firouz assured.

"I'm not convinced of that," Sinbad said, wiping his eyes, "There was so much…too much that went unsaid and undone…and now it's too late."

Bryn fell against the screen, pounding it, "Sinbad! Sinbad, I'm right here! I'm alive! I'm ok! I'm right here! Sinbad!"

"He cannot here you," Baylas said matter-of-factly.

"I have to go back," Bryn said, "You have to send me back! You said you would! Send me back please! I can't bear to see him- THEM in pain!"

Xenthrope and Baylas looked at eachother and nodded. "We shall," Xenthrope said.

Bryn smiled, "Thank you!"

"Come with us," Baylas said.

Bryn followed.