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The Top Moments Sinbad and Bryn Shared

(as voted by Sinbad\Bryn fans)



14) Sinbad and Bryn care for a baby.



13) Sinbad helps Bryn down the hill after she feels pain.


12) Bryn asks Sinbad to come back as he is.



11) Sinbad comments that "this is closer".


10) Bryn whispers a warning to Sinbad and kisses his cheek.


9) Sinbad tells Bryn he'll be alright and caresses her cheek.


8) Bryn snaps Sinbad out of a trance (and Hitria gets jealous!)


7) Bryn rushes to Sinbad and they hold hands after he frees them.

6) Sinbad promises Bryn he'll come back for her no matter what.


5) Sinbad helps Bryn onto the Nomad.



4) Sinbad and Bryn talk on the Nomad.


3) Sinbad tells Bryn her will brightens her face.


2) Sinbad and Bryn hug after she frees him from possession.


1)Sinbad kisses Bryn! (as if there was any competition!)