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Eating Potatos

by Leah Kindsey and Saderah



Sinbad sat beside Bryn at the table of the galley. looking at her with one of his most beautiful smiles...then he stole her bread from her plate. "Sinbad!!! Ahh, you not nice" she smiled back.

"I know ma'am, but i enjoy teasing you" he chuckled and with that, he put his hands on her back and got up. Sinbad leaned to grasp his cup and take one last drink, but Bryn swiftly grabbed it and drank the rest. "Hey!" he protested.

"I enjoy teasing you!" she said with a smart grin as she set the cup down.

"A challenge eh?" Sinbad said, scratching his chin. He grabbed the potato Bryn had been eating and ran out with it.

"Hey!" she yelled and chased after him.

Sinbad ran to his room, but before he could close the door, Bryn was in "Now gimme that potato back!" she said with a big and evilic smile "Not a chance" he reply, eating the potato"

Sinbad laughed, "Try and get it!" he stuck it in his mouth and he slowly ate it inch by inch. Bryn leaped at him but he dashed aside and she hit the floor gracefully. Sinbad smiled and pushed the potato further into his mouth. Bryn noticed he was near his bed and devised a stratedgy. She quickly kicked up a nearby cloak at his direction, which distracted him. Graceful as a cat she leapt at him and knocked him down onto his bed, her landing atop him.

"Now I gotcha!" she said. But SInbad grabbed her wrists and flipped her over, so that he was atop her.

"Mno mno mno," he muffled through the potato, still half in his mouth, half out. "I mot mou. Mo momamo mor mou" (translation: No No no, I got you, no potato for you)

Bryn struggled but Sinbad was too strong and held her pinned down. "That's my potato and I'm going to eat it!" With that, she raised her head and bit at the potato sticking out of Sinbad's mouth. Sinbad leant his head against her to get it back on the bed. At this moment, the door opened. Velda was is the doorway, almost in shock to see them in such a position. Immediatly, Sinbad got up, so did Bryn, both amized by the situation.

"Can i ask what you were up too?" Velda said, a shy smile on her lips.

"Eahing hohahos" Bryn said, her mouth full of the lovley vegetable.

"Moeah, meaming momamos" continues Sinbad. The three of the started to laugh. Bryn's hand quickly slapped over her mouth to keep herself from spraying potato as she laughed.

Velda shook her head, "Remind me never to pick up your table manners." she laughed and shut the door behind her as she walked out.

Sinbad and Bryn were silent for a second, the nearly choked as the burst out laughing. Bryn ran over and snatched the potato that Sinbad was holding and tried to put it on her mouth, but it was just impossible. Her mouth was already full, and she was laughing too hard. Taking a breath, she tried one last time put eat that "almost left" potato, as Sinbad tried to get it back, but finally gave p as she blew everthing out of mouth in a big laugh! Sinbad made a face, covered with half-chewed potato, then grabbed the potato piece and smashed it in Bryn's face. They both laughed, all of the food in SInbad's mouth spraying out. The room was speckled in goey potato now! Sinbad tried to brush himself off but only succeeded in smearing it more over him.

"I don't think this is coming off," he said.

"How much fresh water do we have?" Bryn asked.

"Not enought to wash this off us." Sinbad replied.

Bryn grinned. "I've got an idea!" she grabbed Sinbad's hand and ran up deck, pulling him along.

"Bryn what are you doing?" Sinbad said as Bryn dragged him across the deck. The crew was all baffled as to why they were running hand in hand across the deck...covered in spitty potato.

"This!" she said as she put a leg on the railing.

"Wait Bryn!" Sinbad cried out.

She put the other leg up and stood up on the railing, balancing perfectly. She took both of his hands in hers. "Come on!" she said, laughing!

All the eyes of the crwe were staring at her.. at them. Everyone laughed. "Come one little brother!" Doubar shot. Sinbad got on the rail, for Bryn satisfaction.

"Ok at three! One.. two..--" "Three!!" Sinbad said, pusing her overboard. Before he could react, he was falling into the water with her!

The crew applauding. "Are they always like that?" Velda asked, walking to Firouz

"..." he thought ".. well.. "

"Always!" Doubar finished. then, yelt to the crew, laughing, "Lovebirds overboard!"

In the water, Bryn grabbed Sinbad by the shoulder "Now capt'n, get us out of here, ok"

"What? The water is too cold for Miss Potato?" he ask kidding her.

"Yes it is!"

Sinbad looked at her, she still had potato all around her face. Gently, he passed his hands around her mouth and cheeks "Pig!" he told her.

"Wait!" Bryn stopped him. "I wanna play at dophins and you are the dophin!" she said with a tiny voice. They both laughed and she grabbed him by behind, as Sinbad started swimming under the water with her on his back! Watching from the deck, the crew was more and more amused! The crew was doing everything to keep from falling overboard laughing.

Sinbad emerged. "Bleh this tastes awful!" he said, making a face.

Bryn reached over and dunked him. "And that's for calling me a pi-WHOA!" suddenly she was pulled under by Sinbad. They both came up coughing.

"Yuck!" they said in unison and laughed. "Ok Rongar, throw down a rope!"

Rongar threw a rope down to then and Sinbad took ahold of it. Bryn slapped his hands away. "Ladies first!" she said and started to climb up.

"As you wish," Sinbad said looking up, "Buuut...I see lots of ladies dance, I see Bryn's under-"

Bryn swung her foot down. "And you call me a pig!" SInbad laughed and grabbed her dress's hem then gave a sharp tug and she fell back into the water.

"Come on you two!" shouted Doubar laughing.

"Umm i think the soak is finished... for now!" Sinbad told Bryn climbing back aboard the ship. she smiled and climbed back as well. Back aboard, everyone still laughing at them. Sinbad looked at Bryn "Need to get changed?" he asked her sarcasticly.

"You want a race, dont you?" Bryn asked with the same tone. The second after they were both running down bellow, laughing Bryn suddenly stopped, letting Sinbad dash ahead of her, "Do you really want to taste like salt?" she called.

He stopped and spun around, "What do you mean?"

Bryn picked up her ration of water and poured a little in her hand and splashed a little on her face. "See, this way we only have to use a litte of the fresh water." She poured a little more over her head

Sinbad nodded, "Good point," he picked up his ration and poured a little over his head.

"Much better." Bryn nodded then dashed into the crew's quarters and shut the door behind her. Sinbad yanked at it, but found it locked.

"Oh come on Bryn!" he pounded, "You have your own room in there, you don't need to keep me out of mine!"

"I win!" Bryn said gleefully.

To be continued.....