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Can I Trust You With My Heart?

By Lady Susanna; Song lyrics by Travis Tritt

Sinbad and Bryn were finally able to spend some time alone a few months after Sinbad's latest encounter with Scratch. The two of them had grown closer over the months, as both of them felt that the time had finally arrived for them to take another look at whether or not there was something there between them. Sinbad finally felt the heavy burden he had carried over losing Maeve had lessened and he was ready to get on with his life. Although this time, he was not going to give in freely for he knew he could not stand another heartbreak.

Bryn felt that boundary that Sinbad had put up finally come down and she too was ready to explore her deep feelings with the Captain that she had kept hidden for some time now.

As the two walked in silence along the beach, both were afraid to say what was on their minds. They knew the feelings were there, they just didn't know how to bring them out. After they rounded a bend and were out of sight of the rest of the crew, Sinbad finally got up the courage to say what he was feeling. He stopped and turned to Bryn.

"Bryn? I just wanted to tell you that these past few months I know have been hard on the entire crew and I wanted to say that I am very glad that you were there with us through every step," Sinbad softly says.

Bryn bows her head in embarrassment. "Me too, Sinbad. I'm really glad that I have all of you as friends. It's meant a lot to me."

Smiling, and slightly nodding his head, Sinbad replies. "I know it hasn't been easy for you, not remembering your past. I hope that all of us, the crew I mean, can help you to build a future though."

"I'd like that. You're all like big brothers to me now," Bryn says.

Sinbad turns and starts walking again. Bryn walks with him. "Is there something more, Sinbad?" she questions.

"Yes," he responds. "But I'm not quite sure how to say it."

With a slight laugh, she points out to him. "You've never had any trouble in the past. Why start now?"

Sinbad smiles at this and turns to her and takes her hands in his. He looks at her and she notices that his eyes had turned to a deep blue with sincerity written in his gaze. "Remember when you wished me luck?" Bryn just nods and drops her head down. Sinbad takes her chin in his hand and lifts her face up to him. "I know I hurt you when I kissed Terran. Something hit me inside when I saw you walk away with Doubar. I realized what I had been doing the past year with all those women and realized I didn't like what I was becoming."

"Sinbad...." Bryn attempts to butt in.

"No wait. Please! Let me finish first," Sinbad pleads.

Bryn nods her head.

"Well. I know its cause I was missing Maeve so much. I know that someday she may return to me, but I can't keep living my life on maybes. I'm hurting myself and too many people that I love too much. But I also don't know if I can readily give my heart to someone again."

With a puzzled look and a heavy heart Bryn asks, "I'm not sure I follow you Sinbad. What exactly are you saying?"

Sinbad looks out over the ocean and softly asks, "Can I trust you with my heart?"

Bryn, in shock and not sure she heard him correctly, softly asks, "What did you say?"

Sinbad turns to her again and motions to sit down. They both do and he looks at her.

"When you meet that certain someone, you've been searching hard to find,
It's a new love full of passion that can sometimes make you blind.
I don't mind being swept away if I know right from the start,
So before we go much further, Bryn. Can I trust you with my heart?"

Bryn, in embarrassment, says, "I... don't...."

Sinbad continues.

"In the time we've spent together, I have learned to trust in you,
so many things you've given, before I even asked you to,
But reality and romance are sometimes far apart.
So what I really need to know is, can I trust you with my heart?

Can I cast my cares upon you, can you stand the heavy load?
Can I count on you to walk me, down that long and winding road.
If you promise me these simple things, I can guarantee.
You can always count on me."

With tears in her eyes, Bryn tells him. "I don't know what to say Sinbad. I'd like to try to show you that you can."

Leaning over, Sinbad kisses Bryn and tells her, "Its all I'm asking."

Bryn nods to him.

"Then know this," he says.

"When two hearts solely surrender, and are sworn to understand.
It completes a perfect union, between a woman and a man.
So please don't misunderstand me, I don't want to go too far.
Without knowing just one answer. Can I trust you with my heart?

Bryn returns a kiss to Sinbad, looks at him and smiles. "Yes, Sinbad. You can trust me with your heart."

They both stand up and Sinbad draws Bryn into a hug. Then, arm in arm, they slowly walk back towards the crew, who see's them approaching.

Doubar looks at Sinbad and Bryn, lets out a big sigh and says, "Finally."